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Tuomas Hämäläinen

Hello there and welcome to my site.

I’m Tuomas Hämäläinen, the man behind the VESTIGEVISIONS -concept. Here you’ll see my photographic work and the world around us through my eyes.
Photography and cameras have been essential part of my life long time now. It all started long time ago when I first got my hands on a film SLR’s back in the day. The robust SLR made an indelible impression to my young mind.

What fascinates me about photography are the visual aspects and creative opportunities it offers to me. It gives me a way to express myself in a creative way and gives me ability to show how I see our world. Clean finishing, contrast and controlled lights and shadows are very intrinsic features in my photographs and videos.

My expertise is in flash photography and portraits. I like a lot photographing portraits about people and pets a like. Product and automotive photography also belong to my assets, as well as urban photography.

Clean finishing, contrast and controlled lights and shadows

Are very intrinsic features in my timeless photographs.

The Concept



Vestige, a trace, mark, or visible sign left by something vanished or lost.

VESTIGEVISIONS is my photographic concept of the transient moment in time, which will be captured creatively in a form of photograph before the moment is forever gone.

Got interested? You can send me an email or contact via social media using the links below.

Where I am?

Tuusula, Helsinki and the capital area.

Suomi Finland

What I use

Canon EOS R system
DJI Mavic
DxO Photolab
Adobe Photoshop

And with the EOS


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